What to do with your {boudoir photos}

What should I do with the photos from my boudoir session? I get this question A LOT, and that’s totally valid! You just had this amazing experience at your boudoir session, you felt like a bad ass, and you looked like a super model, so the only logical thing to do is keep the digital images on file on your computer never to be looked at again!  Wait what…that doesn’t make sense?

You’re right, it doesn’t make sense to only purchase digital files from your boudoir session. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand having digitals to show your friends and post on social media, but you deserve more than being handed a gallery of digital images that you probably won’t ever print. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want my private photos printed at Walmart! I offer a hands-on approach to making this the best possible experience for you! Products and prints are purchased separately from the session fee, which gives my clients the flexibility to order only what they love from their boudoir session.

Let me lay out the options for you!

 Most Taylor Raine Boudie Babes find that they prefer to showcase their boudoir photos in albums or wall art. Albums are a great way to display your favorite images to keep on the nightstand or maybe on the coffee table, if you don’t mind wandering eyes! The albums I offer are top notch, so when you go to pull out your album in 40 years to reminisce about this incredible time in your life, or when your kids happen to find it in the closet and marvel about what a babe their mom was, it’ll be in perfect condition!

Metal wall art is kick ass way to make a statement (think glossy, reflective, and totally drool worthy) and is a great addition to your master bedroom, bathroom, walk in closet, or even your living room if you really want to wow people! Wall art is a great way to have a daily reminder that you are one beautiful and sexy woman. What better way to start the day than by looking at an amazing portrait of yourself that reminds you of your worth?

Our luxury albums start at $1700 and wall art starts at $700. However, most clients decide they want a little bit of everything and get a collection, which include multiple items including wall art, albums, and digital files, and those start at $1700. If you want more info about all of our products and pricing, send me and email and we’ll go over all of the details!.

Phew, that was a lot of info! Congrats if you made it this far! I’ll be honest, handing you the digital images and sending you on your way, would be a lot easier and probably more profitable for me. But that’s not really what I care about and it would be a disservice to you. One of my favorite parts of the whole boudoir experience is showing you your photos for the first time and helping you to create products that showcase you as a piece of art. I truly believe that my clients deserve to have high quality products that will stay with them (and their families!) forever. If you’re going to invest in yourself and your boudoir experience, you deserve to have something to show for it! Ready to create your own masterpiece? Let’s chat girl!