#1 Reason to do a boudoir session- Do it for YOU

One of the things I stress to my clients and my potential clients, that doing a boudoir session should first and foremost be for you. I know, I know, you want to do this as a gift for your wedding or to spice things up with your hunny. I TOTALLY get it, I do. But your partner already worships you and your beauty (if they don’t, this is another conversation girlfriend). We often forget our own beauty and forget to appreciate ourselves, so it makes my heart sing when my clients take a step towards self love and do a session for themselves. Read one particular babe’s story below about her session and why she decided to do it for her!
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“I had previously done a boudoir shoot before but only one, and believe me it was out of my comfort zone. Just the thought of having to pose in lingerie in front of a camera made me nervous. I know I look skinny and fit and beautiful but I am self-conscious. I have my insecurities about not having abs, worrying about the extra fluff, worrying if my legs and butt have cellulite and all that extra junk that every female thinks about. So Taylor had reached out to me a couple times about doing a shoot and I just kept putting it off. Until finally, I just thought that enough was enough of the self doubt and being insecure about myself.

I wanted to do this shoot for myself, to not only feel good about myself but to see progress that I have made in the gym and to have something to look back on to compare to where I am currently, if I am ever having a struggling moment thinking that nothing is changing. Doing a boudoir shoot for yourself has got to be one of the most amazing things because you don’t have to look for anyone’s opinions but your own.

My experience with Taylor was incredible. She made it fun and exciting, having her girls there for hair and makeup makes you feel like a queen for a day. Doing a photoshoot like this makes you feel sexy and beautiful in your own skin. It truly is empowering. Seeing my photos at the reveal put a huge smile on my face and it really did make me feel amazing. I look at my photos probably once a week, just to talk myself up and see what a BABE I am! Self-care is really important, especially for those that care about everyone else’s needs before their own. Be your most authentic self and truly open yourself up to just being YOU! Always remember that nothing grows from your comfort zone, get comfortable being uncomfortable. Love yourself and all of your flaws and imperfections, we all have them. No one is perfect and if someone tells you that you are perfect don’t take it as a compliment because being perfect isn’t attainable, it’s an unrealistic term. XOXO Hunter”